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Deanna "Dee" Vasquez-Boucher

Professional Music Portfolio

Welcome to the Official Professional Music Portfolio of Deanna Vasquez. Combining an unmatched passion for music with their natural talent, Deanna is pursuing their dream of being an influential music professional. Here you can stay up to date on her latest developments and find examples of her musical work.

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About Deanna Vasquez

A Life Steeped in Sound

Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Deanna loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. Ever since she was 3, Deanna has found great joy and satisfaction by being involved in the creative music process. Take a look around the site to get to know more about Deanna "Dee" Vasquez.

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All About Deanna "Dee" Vasquez And DVBSings

Astounding Work Ethic. Incomparable Performer. Passionate Musician.

Dee has always had an extensive background in all things music and arts, especially things that involve singing. Dee acknowledges that one of the most important parts of discovering one’s self and becoming an artist is the creative process and all the highs and lows of that process. Artists today tend to be more concerned with the final product and appearing perfect and refined, so Dee wants to make sure her audience knows that she’s all about being honest and transparent from the start; what you see and hear may be recorded and produced through technology, but her talent is real and it is raw and in your face. You can’t avoid it, and you can’t ignore it. If you heard it on the internet, she can do it live. Whether you like it or not, Dee will make her mark as a respected artist and vocalist in the music industry, because she isn’t concerned with maintaining a fake persona to please anyone. She will get there being her most genuine self, and viewers will come to know and admire her for it.

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Stay In The Know

So much is going on in the world of Deanna. From creative collaborations and side projects, to career developments and musical updates, you’ll want to be the first to know what goes on in the life of this hardworking and talented music professional. Here you will find all of the latest news surrounding Deanna and DVBSings.

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Throwing Caps

A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

May 08, 2021 & December 17, 2021

After fivelong, difficult years of attending Berklee College of Music (pandemic or not), and navigating through the high's and low's of life, Deanna officially graduated on May 8, 2021, and completed remaining credits as of December 17, 2021, making her the first in her family to receive her Bachelor's Degree (BFA) and also a First Generation graduate.

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"To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable"
-Ludwig van Beethoven

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